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商品説明Emei Womens Summer Ultra thin Letter Work Out Printed Waist Leggings Tights Yoga Fitness Pants Sports bra Gym Leggings
Black&white ,Blue ,Rose and Orange Work OUT Pattern

If you want white "Work OUT" Pattern,please choose Color: Black&White

Material: Cotton

One Size Fit XS-L (Elastic)
Length: 92cm /36.2inches
Waistline:26-32cm /10.23-12.60 inches

Sports bra:
S: Chest: 64-85 Hem: 56-75 Length: 26 Suit: 70A 70B 70C 70D
M: Chest: 66-90 Hem: 56.5-80 Length: 28 Suit: 75B 75C 75D 80A
L: Chest: 68-95 Hem: 57-85 Length: 29 Suit:80B 80C 80D 85A 85B 85C 85D

Underwear is different from the general clothing, the material is relatively soft and delicate fibers, so the best way to wash is "warm water" and "neutral lotion" and tap "hand wash." Read the label of the underwear carefully. The different patterns on the label represent different treatments for washing and maintenance. In addition, pay attention to the following points:

1, cleaning underwear before the first check underwear, if the line must be sutured line, but also hook good hook, fasten the shoulder strap, so as not to wash the process of hook to the fabric.

2, washing, the neutral detergent should be dissolved in the 30 -40 warm water to put down the clothes, soak for a while after the hand pat, do not wash hard to avoid wear fabric.

3, when cleaning thoroughly washed lotion.

4, after washing do not use clothing softener, to avoid damage to the underwear elastic fibers.

5, after washing can not be wringed by hand, can only be wrapped with a dry towel, hand squeeze, so that towel dry water, the underwear flattened to the original, such as the chest to shape the cup shape.
Welcome to our store ,we will ship out all order within 3 days,and it will take 4-7days send to your home,thank you

6, the sun is easy to make clothing deterioration and fade, so underwear can only be placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry.

7, the wet bra to the cup and the middle of the cup to hang up, avoid hanging the shoulder strap because the weight of the water will stretch the shoulder strap.

8.Do not iron

If you want to a larger one, please contact us.

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