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プロフェッショナルDSO138 2.4 "TFTハンドヘルドポケットサイズデジタルオシロスコープキットDIY部品電子リア

プロフェッショナルDSO138 2.4 "TFTハンドヘルドポケットサイズデジタルオシロスコープキットDIY部品電子リア

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  • 商品の状態: 新品
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  • 商品説明: Professional DSO138 2.4" TFT Handheld Pocket-size Digital Oscilloscope Kit DIY Parts Electronic Learning Set 1Msps (Size: NOT Soldered DIY, Color: Red)
This DSO138 digital oscilloscope kit adopts ARM Cortex-M3 processor and with 2.4-inch TFT screen. It's easy and reliable for circuit operation. It can display frequency, period, pulse width, duty ratio, MAX./MIN./AVG./Peak-Peak/virtual values.
This kit uses ARM Cortex-M3 processor (STM32F103C8), and includes a 2.4-inch color TFT display screen, can be used as ARM test development board.
Can be secondary development on the basis of this kit, for example, it can be changed to Millivoltmeter, data loggers.
Adjustable vertical displacement, and with instructions.
With automatic, regular and one-shot modes, easy to capture the moment waveform.
Available rising or falling edge trigger.
Observable previous trigger waveform (negative delay).
Can freeze at any time waveform display (HOLD function).
Comes 1Hz /3.3V square wave test signal source.
With waveform parameter digital display, including frequency, period, pulse width, duty ratio, MAX./MIN./AVG./Peak-Peak/virtual values.
Waveform storage function: will not lose the waveform after power off.
Short-circuit and open-circuit detection: can help the user find out the soldering error.
TFT controller recognition function.
This DIY kit is not soldered yet!
Maximum Real-time Sampling Rate: 1Msps
Accuracy: 12Bit
Sampling Buffer Depth: 1024 bytes
Analog Bandwidth: 0-200KHz
Vertical Sensitivity: 10mV / Div - 5V / Div (1-2-5 progressive manner)
Input Impedance: 1M
Maximum Input Voltage: 50Vpp (1: 1 probe), 400Vpp (10: 1 probe)
Coupling Modes: DC / AC / GND
The Horizontal Time Base Range: 10 s / Div - 50s / Div (1-2-5 progressive manner)
Supply Voltage: DC 9V
PCB Size: 117 * 76mm / 4.6 * 3in
Screen Size: 52 * 40mm / 2 * 1.57in
Package Size: 18 * 12.5 * 3cm / 7.08 * 4.92 * 1.18in
Package Weight: 119g / 4.21oz
Package List:
1 * DSO138 DIY Digital Oscilloscope Kit
1 * Probe
3 * User Manual(English)
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